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Loving From The Soul Is An Essential Art

"In My Jeans" Tee - Black

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"In My Jeans" Tee - Black

Short Sleeve Oversized Graphic Tee with a custom Jean decal, that is symbolic to the brand. 

The Jean Decal is inspired by a play on words of Jean/Gene

Genes symbolize the incredible diversity of life on Earth, showcasing the endless possibilities and variations within. They remind us that each individual is special and contributes to the rich tapestry of life. This is symbolic to the brand as a part of our foundation is to celebrate the uniqueness that's in each and everyone of us, and teaching kids the same.

Jean symbolize durability and resilience due to their sturdy fabric and construction.  Just as jeans endure wear and tear but remain intact, we too can persevere through tough times, emerging stronger and more resilient. An ode to the power within us all.

Suggested to roll sleeves for a cool fit. 

Fits very oversized. Also in a cement color

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